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2G 2 Way 40-400W Dimmer - Bevelled Edge Polished Chrome

£20.90 + VAT
2G 2 way 40-400W rating. Suitable for resistive and capacitive loads. Push on/push off control. Advanced sensitivity leading edge type dimmer suitable for dimming all types of lamps both resistive and inductive. Minimum parallel capacity: 7W dimmable LED or 40W incandescence (or 0VA) Maximum parallel capacity: 100W dimmable LED or 400W incandescence (or 400VA) or purely resistive load. Suitable for mains lighting,low voltage lighting and LED lighting (for compatibility please check with lamp manufacturer). Made from high quality premium grade material,complete with integral gasket for moisture protection. Minimum mounting depth: 25mm. Dimensions: 88mm x 88mm Supplied in retail blister with full fitting instructions. Compliant to BS EN 60669-1,BS EN 60669-2. 3 year guarantee.