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Intelligent Turboforce PLUS Hand Dryer White

£98.90 + VAT

Intelligent Turboforce PLUS Hand Dryer White

  • Dry time (in-house tested): 18 Seconds
  • Cost per 1000 dries: 30p - 69p (95.4 - 98% saving against paper towels)
  • Guarantee: 3 Years
  • Rated Power: 0.5 kW - 1.15 kW | 2.5 - 5.75 Wh per dry (Intelligent heating system)
  • Compact with low noise output
  • Internal UV protection - self cleaning. Has debris catching filters
  • Robust with quality manufacture
Energy Consumption Electrical Supply Voltage 220-240 Volts
Electrical Supply Frequency 50/60 Hz
Standby Power Consumption <2 Watts
Performance Expected Motor Life 600 Hours
Dry Time (max setting) 18 Seconds
Dry Time (min setting) 18 (in house testing) Seconds
Dry Time Notes This has been in-house tested at it's high speed / no heat setting which produced a dry time of approx. 18 seconds. We would expect this to be true at the high speed / heat setting
Universal Brush Motor
Motor Speed (max setting) 20000 RPM
Air Speed (max setting) 134 MPH
Air Volume (max setting) 57.2 CFM
Operating Temperature Range 24-40 °C
Heater Element Power 650 Watts
Motor Cutoff Time 60 Seconds
Motor Class Class 1
Rated Power Rated Power (max settings) 1150 Watts
Rated Power (min settings) 500 Watts
Rated Power Notes This unit has an intelligent heating system which will only add heat to the airflow if the temperature of the room is <24°C
Energy Per Dry (max setting) 5.75 Watt-hours (Wh)
Energy Per Dry (min setting) 2.50 Watt-hours (Wh)
Energy Per Dry Notes Max setting based on manufacturers stated dry time and heat. Min setting based on anticipated dry time of 18 seconds
Noise Operating Sound Level (max setting) 72 (manufacturer stated) dB
Sound Level Notes As yet not independently tested to verify dB
Sensor Sensor type IR
Guarantee 3 Years
Construction Materials Stainless steel, Ceramic
Net Weight 3 kg
Packed Weight 3.5 kg
Finishes Brushed Stainless Steel
Other Finishes White Ceramic
Electrical & Safety IP rating IPX1
Dimensions Product Height 260 mm
Product Width 180 mm
Product Depth 157 mm
Packaging Height 320 mm
Packaging Width 215 mm
Packaging Depth 195 mm
Mounting Instructions Men 1170 mm
Women 1120 mm
Children 4-7 Years 810 mm
Children 7-10 Years 910 mm
Children 10-13 Years 1020 mm
Children 13-17 Years 1120 mm
Disabled 940 mm
Certification CE
Other GS