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UPDATE: Store Closed On Bank Holiday Monday 30/08/21, Open as normal 31/08/21.
UPDATE: Store Closed On Bank Holiday Monday 30/08/21,

Proximity / Code Entry BLACK C/W 10 Tags

by ESP
£66.90 + VAT

Proximity / Code Entry C/W 10 Tags

The EZ-TAG3B IP65 Keypad And Proximity Reader Door Entry Kit replaces the previous EZ-TAG-2 version to intorduce a more sophisticated model with additional benefits which include a doorbell function, as well as a new improved easy programmimg to facilitate installation. The unit can accomodate up to 1,010 key tag holders or pin numbers. Users approach the keypad and enter a four digit code or hold a proximity tag within a few inches to activate one of the TAG3's two on board relays which in turn activates a door release in seperate controlled areas.�

  • Easy To Install
  • Simple Self Contained Programming
  • Fail Safe or Fail Secure options from power supply
  • Combined Keypad, reader and controller
  • Up to 1,010 Key tag holders or pin numbers
  • 2 Seperate User Groups
  • Weather/Dust Proof Robust Construction
  • Twin Relay Outputs
  • Door Bell Function
  • Anti-Tamper Option
  • C/W 10 Proximity Tags