West Midland Electrics utilizes cookies on this website. Cookies refer to small text files that websites you visit store on your computer or other devices. This page outlines the cookies we employ, their purposes, and provides you with the option to enable or disable them. Please note that certain cookies are essential for the proper functioning of our website. Additionally, we disclose information regarding other companies that utilize cookies on our website and explain their purposes, granting you the ability to enable or disable their cookies as well.

The primary reasons we use cookies on our website include enhancing user experience, facilitating the provision of information and functionality, and obtaining insights into website usage to ensure its accuracy, relevance, and error-free operation. Furthermore, we employ cookies to align our online advertisements with the interests of web users. More detailed information about the specific types of cookies employed on our website is provided below.

In addition to the options presented here, you have the ability to restrict or block cookies through your browser settings at any time. For comprehensive guidance on how to do this and to learn more about cookies in general, please visit www.allaboutcookies.org and www.youronlinechoices.eu. However, please be aware that limiting or blocking cookies set by our website may impact its functionality, performance, or prevent you from utilizing certain services offered through the website.

Kindly note that third parties, including advertising networks and external service providers such as website analysis services, may also utilize cookies beyond our control. Although we may receive services from these third parties (e.g., targeted advertising and website analytics), we have no control over their cookies. These cookies are generally classified as performance cookies or targeting cookies, as further described below.

Strictly Necessary Cookies

These cookies play a crucial role in enabling the utilization of features and services on our website. Should you choose to block these cookies, we cannot ensure uninterrupted access to the services provided through our website, nor can we guarantee optimal performance during your visit.

Outlined below are examples of how we employ these cookies:

  • Retaining information about the products you have added to your shopping basket.
  • Maintaining your logged-in status on our website.
  • Preserving data you have entered into forms on our website, thus eliminating the need to re-enter such information when navigating through a form using your browser's 'back' and 'forward' buttons.
Functional Cookies

Functional cookies enable our website to retain your choices and preferences during your visit, such as your username, login details, language preferences, and any customizations you make to website pages.

Here are examples of how we utilize these cookies:

  • Providing personalized services, such as video viewing or commenting.
  • Sharing relevant information with our partners to deliver specific services on our website. The shared information is strictly used to fulfill the requested service, product, or function, and not for any other purposes.
  • Remembering if you have previously been prompted to participate in a survey.
  • Remembering your location and preferred language settings.
Performance and Analytics Cookies

These cookies assist us in comprehending how individuals interact with our website. They gather information about the most frequently visited pages, utilized features, and the websites visited prior to arriving at our website. We employ this information to enhance our website and provide an enhanced user experience.

Here are examples of how we utilize these cookies:

  • Monitoring and generating statistics regarding the usage of our website.
  • Assisting us in improving our website by identifying and measuring any errors that occur.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of advertisements displayed on our website and striving to make them as relevant as possible.
  • Offering feedback to our affiliates and authorized third parties who have linked to our website, enabling them to enhance their own websites or services.
  • Testing the design and functionality of the website.
West Midland Electrics Marketing and Advertising Cookies

These cookies allow us to remember the pages you have viewed, including the advertisements you have been shown, on our website. They are used to display advertisements that we believe may be of interest to you based on your browsing history on our website. Additionally, these cookies enable us to limit the frequency of particular advertisements and follow up with you if you have partially completed an order or registration on our website.

West Midland Electrics Marketing and Advertising Cookies

These cookies, referred to as "third-party cookies," are utilized by our partner companies to deliver relevant advertisements on our website as well as on other websites. Unlike first-party cookies set by us, these cookies are set by other companies when you browse our website. These companies employ cookies to create a profile of your browsing behavior on our website, their own websites, and other websites they collaborate with. They analyze which advertisements you have viewed and clicked on our website and other websites. Additionally, they may combine this data with information collected about you from other sources. Using these profiles, they display tailored advertisements on our website and other websites.

These companies have the capability to track your browsing activity across multiple devices, consolidating the data from various devices into a unified profile. This consolidated profile is then used to present relevant advertisements on all of your devices. To determine whether multiple devices are being used by the same individual, these companies employ various methods, including cross-referencing information about your devices, browsing behavior, and geographical location.

For further information on online behavioral advertising and online privacy, please visit www.youronlinechoices.eu.

It is important to note that different web browsers may offer different approaches for managing cookies. To configure your browser settings, please follow the instructions provided directly by the respective web browser manufacturer:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE)
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox

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